Boí Thermal

Silessence Men Cream

Because men’s skin has specific needs | 99% natural ingredients

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
50 ml
CN.: 190715.8

Silessence Men Cream is a cream specially designed for men. With silica-rich hypotonic water and willow, iris and soy extracts. It revitalises, moisturises, relieves and soothes.

Its ingredients give it firming, astringent, sebum-regulating and mattifying properties. The result? The ideal natural face cream for men. Easy to apply, it offers visible results. And one more little secret: this cream also works well for women with oily skin, as it is highly mattifying.

In general, men don’t like applying any type of cream or lotion. However, men’s facial skin is one of the most delicate parts of the male body and requires care. That’s why, here at Boí Thermal, we’ve created a natural face cream for men’s skin that has a lightweight texture and is mattifying and easy to apply.

We recommend using Silessence Men Cream on a daily basis in the morning and at night. Applying it to a clean face is essential. That’s why we recommend first using the Silessence Cleanser Mousse, our mousse cleanser with a super-satisfying texture.

Because the container allows you to control the product dose, you’ll never use more than necessary. Press down, sweep your finger through the product, lightly rub between your fingers and massage onto the face and neck. Protected and moisturised skin in the blink of an eye.

Your skin deserves it too.

Unique and exclusive water

When formulating a cream, up to 60% of the contents can be water, which is used as a vehicle for dissolving other components and as a mixing element to create the emulsion. Boí Thermal transforms the bulk ingredient in the formula, water, into the main active ingredient, thanks to its unique and special composition.

The power of ingredients

0 %

Natural origin

Revitalises, mattifies
and moisturises

Silica-rich hypotonic water


Silessence Men Cream Ingredients
Silessence Men Cream



Rice starch

Products with more than 98% natural ingredients.
Average for Boí Thermal cosmetics. Percentage calculated according to ISO 16128 regulation on Natural Cosmetics.

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A unique jar

Boí Thermal uses an innovative jar that, thanks to the airtight compartment, protects the formula from external impurities and prevents the creams from coming into contact with external contaminants. This ensures that the formula is completely protected.


Unscrew the top.


Place your finger at the start of the tube on the end opposite the grey droplet.


Gently press down and slide your finger along the tube to obtain the first dose.

Boí Thermal subjective evaluation results:

0 %*
Moisturises the skin
0 %**
Feeling of comfort

* 80% of volunteers agree it moisturises the skin. ** 70% of volunteers agree they felt a feeling of comfort after application.


Silessence Cleanser Mousse

Cleanses and removes make-up.

Silessence Renascent Serum

Regenerates and provides extra moisturisation.