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Vegan cosmetics

One step further: what are vegan cosmetics?

Veganism is a lifestyle option based on respecting animals. Therefore, vegan cosmetics are a type of cosmetics that are strictly respectful of animals and nature. It is one of the most mindful types of cosmetic.

Vegan cosmetics, however, must not be confused with natural, organic, or bio cosmetics. In other words, though it may be a little hard to understand, a vegan person can use a cosmetic that is not natural and whose ingredients are largely synthetic.

Requisitos para cosméticos veganos

Requirements for vegan cosmetics

The most important requirement for a product to be considered vegan is that it must not include any animal-based ingredients or derivatives.

For example, a vegan cosmetic cannot include honey (sourced from bees), collagen (sourced from animal bones or cartilage), or silk (sourced from silkworm cocoons).

In any case, it’s good to know that European legislation prohibits animal testing for any and all cosmetics.

Why change over to vegan cosmetics?

Climate change, plastic floating in the ocean, pollution… There are so many reasons to take care of the planet that the vegan option is, for some, the only possible option.

For that reason, we should all aim for vegan cosmetics. Because the world needs them. And because using cosmetics that are respectful of the planet means we are respecting our own environment.