Boí Thermal

Silessence Cleanser Mousse

Deep yet delicate cleansing.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
100 ml
CN.: 190712.7

Use Silessence Cleanser Mousse in the morning to improve absorption of other products, and at night because sebum can accumulate while you sleep. Use this facial cleansing mousse to gently and effectively cleanse and remove make-up from the face.

Camomile, white iris and hypotonic water cleanse and comfort the skin. The luscious texture literally caresses the face, leaving you with a profoundly relaxed and pampered feeling.

In terms of the white iris, it offers extraordinary qualities: anti-aging, antioxidant and purifying effects.

This mousse is truly a must.

Dampen the face and neck. Dispense one pump of the product onto your fingers, briefly rub between your hands and gently massage into the face. After massaging the entire face and neck for 30 seconds, rinse with plenty of water. Gently press a clean, dry towel against the skin to dry. After using our cleansing mousse, you will notice your skin is refreshed and prepared for the next step.

Use the Silessence Cleanser Mousse every morning and night on a damp face and neck, just before the Moisturizing Thermal Water or Restoring Thermal Water and Renascent Serum. With these three steps, you’ll be performing the Boí Thermal basic facial ritual.

Natural ingredients

The combination of the water, the balneotherapy experience and a thousand year-old history all come together in our formulas. Because we preserve the purity of the main active ingredient, the healing mineral water, and add multiple natural active ingredients that are skin- and eco-friendly.

The power of ingredients


Natural origin

cleanse and remove make-up

White iris

Silica-rich hypotonic water

Silessence Cleanser Mousse Ingredients
Silessence Cleanser Mousse


  • White iris
  • Chamomile
  • Silica-rich hypotonic water

Products with more than 98% natural ingredients. Average for Boí Thermal cosmetics.
Percentage calculated according to ISO 16128 regulation on Natural Cosmetics.

Boí Thermal subjective evaluation results:

Purifies the skin
Eliminates impurities

* 87% of volunteers agree it purifies the skin. ** 80% of volunteers agree it eliminates impurities.

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