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Sensitive skin

Síntomas piel delicada

Symptoms of delicate skin

Sensitive skin reacts more than normal skin does. Delicate skin is hyper-reactive: it experiences tingling, hot prickling or even itching sensations. Sometimes these sensations are accompanied by redness and can appear as a reaction to a variety of causes, including wind, temperature changes, shaving, stress, menopause and food.

What makes skin sensitive?

The epidermis of sensitive skin often features an alteration in its barrier function which causes skin dehydration and potentially allows irritating agents to penetrate it.

What’s more, sensitive skin experiences excessive secretion of certain neurotransmitters, such as cytosines (substances secreted by skin cells), which promote inflammatory processes. Sensitive and intolerant skin is also characterised by excess production of free radicals.

Who has sensitive skin?

A third of the adult population suffers from sensitive skin. A higher percentage of that population is women:
Other factors that can cause skin sensitivity are:
Sensitive skin
Dermo-cosmetic treatments
No: alcohol, perfume,
irritants, allergens, etc.
Medical treatments
Whichever is suitable
Importance of neurosensine
Protective barrier

What measures should people with sensitive skin take?

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