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Hypo-allergenic cosmetics

What is a hypo-allergenic product?

The term ‘hypoallergenic’ refers to a product that has been specially formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions associated with its use. Nevertheless, we must point out that the “hypoallergenic” category does not guarantee the complete lack of risk of an allergic reaction.

Are natural cosmetics synonymous with hypo-allergenic cosmetics?

No. Natural ingredients can cause allergies as well. In terms of Boí Thermal, we’ve selected natural and hypo-allergenic ingredients.

How can you be sure that a product is truly hypoallergenic?

It has to be subjected to clinical studies and testing to back it up.
In addition, European law requires manufacturers to include the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) on all their containers. In Spanish: Nomenclatura Internacional de Ingredientes Cosméticos. This is a list of the ingredients contained in each product. This list includes the ingredients in the cosmetic product, listed in descending order of concentration. The higher up an ingredient is on the list, the larger the quantity of that ingredient in the formula. So, if you already know you’re intolerant to a certain substance, you can be sure to avoid it.

Boí Thermal, la marca de cosmética natural e hipoalergénica.

Boí Thermal, the natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics brand.

Boí Thermal respects your skin and respects the planet by using natural ingredients, including its own unique and exceptional water. All its products have been formulated to be highly compatible with all skin types and have been dermatologically tested to offer you the highest guarantees and peace of mind.

Boí thermal clinical study results

Hypoallergenic cosmetics


Dermatologically tested

No reactivity reactions to the Boí Thermal products were observed in the area where the product was tested during the test phase, nor during the follow-up phase in the test area or the control area.

Therefore, it was determined that:

Under the adopted conditions, continuous application of the various Boí Thermal products, in a group of at least 50 volunteers per product, does not induce irritant reactions and the products have very good cutaneous compatibility. In addition, continuous application did not induce allergic reactions.