Boí Thermal

Restoring Thermal Water

More than just moisture | 100% natural ingredients

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
100 ml
CN.: 177454.5

Restoring Thermal Water is a thermal water, in spray format, that is super moisturising, regenerative and, of course, 100% natural.

The Font del Bou spring at the Caldes de Boí Spa offers a truly extraordinary type of water: silica-rich hypotonic water.

Give a gift to your skin.

Its extraordinary moisturising effect makes it ideal for all situations in which the skin needs a little more pampering, as it provides a feeling of well-being when the skin most needs it. After sun exposure or in cold weather.

Its extraordinary moisturising effect makes it the perfect product to use after hair removal processes, when the skin most requires hydration.

And it’s so easy to apply thanks to the spray bottle format. Just spray the Restoring Thermal Water mist over your skin and leave it until fully absorbed.

If you use it as part of your beauty routine, we recommend using it after the Cleanser Mousse and just before applying our Renascent Serum.

Natural ingredients

The combination of the water, the balneotherapy experience and a thousand year-old history all come together in our formulas. Because we preserve the purity of the main active ingredient, the healing mineral water, and add multiple natural active ingredients that are skin- and eco-friendly.

The power of ingredients

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Natural origin

Extra moisturisation and regenerates.

Fragrance free

richest in silica

Dry and very dry skin

From “Font del Bou” spring

Restoring Thermal Water


  1. After shaving or other hair removal processes, providing a pleasant, comfortable feeling.
  2. After non-invasive dermatology treatments.
  3. To refresh the skin after prolonged sun exposure.
  4. To help remove Sulphaterm or any other kind of mask.
  5. To pamper your skin after exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Boí Thermal subjective evaluation results:

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Rejuvenating effect
0 %**
Smoother skin

* 75% of volunteers agree it has a rejuvenating effect. ** 79% of volunteers agree it makes the skin feel smoother.

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