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Thermal cosmetics

Qué es la cosmética termal

What are thermal cosmetics?

Thermal cosmetics are skincare products made from thermal water, healing mineral water from spas and natural mineral water springs.

There are three fundamental types of thermal cosmetics (sometimes known as dermo-thermal cosmetics): thermal water (bottled healing mineral water for use as a spray), cosmetics derived from these types of thermal water and thermal mud.

Various studies have shown the use of low mineral-content thermal water in spray form increases feelings of freshness, reduces feelings of tension in the skin and encourages skin softness and well-being.

Thermal cosmetics are formulas that incorporate thermal water in varying amounts, as well as other cosmetic active ingredients that provide complementary effects to those of thermal water.

Thermal mud, also called peloids, are made up of a solid component and liquid component, which can be healing mineral water. For a mud to be considered a peloid, it must have undergone an aging process. It is used in cosmetics for its trace element content, such as zinc and magnesium, but also because of the clay from which it is made.

Studies demonstrate the benefits of peloids for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, burns, etc. The most commonly used peloids in thermal cosmetics are sulphurous and bromine monochloride-iodine peloids.

Thermal mud is therefore indicated for the care of psoriasis-affected skin, as it improves desquamation, provides softness, balances secretions and reduces inflammation, all of which help encourage skin regeneration…

The most common applications are compresses, wraps and masks. Wraps consist of applying mud to the treatment area. A thin fabric is then wrapped around the area and left to take effect for at least 20 minutes.

As you can see, when creating thermal cosmetics, it is essential to master the composition, quality and efficacy of healing mineral waters.

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Benefits and properties

Despite stretching back to ancient times, the interest in and use of cosmetic thermal water and thermal cosmetics has grown in recent years due to their properties, the rise in cases of sensitive skin and the need to treat dermatological conditions such as acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dry skin and even burns and scarring. Their benefits have been shown to be clearly effective for sensitive and delicate skin due to their proven soothing effect.

Despite the fact that every skin is unique and requires its own special care, what’s most important is avoiding allergic reactions, particularly if you already have sensitive skin.

Thermal or dermo-thermal cosmetics provide intense moisturisation, making them ideal for all skin types, but especially for those with the most intolerant skin, who should include it in their daily routine.

Characteristics of thermal spring water

The power of healing mineral water lies in its unique characteristics. Of all the types, sulphur- and chloride-rich waters are ideal for treating skin conditions, as are those that are siliceous and contain trace metals.

Therefore, the fact that healing mineral water is used in the formulation of thermal cosmetics is clearly justified due to the quality of the ingredients: mineralising elements and trace minerals that are incredibly beneficial to the skin.

The water from the “Font del Boix” spring, for example, contains calcium. The action that this chemical element exerts on the skin is essential for regulating the permeability of the cell membranes. Sulphur, which is found in the “Font de la Tartera” spring, is a natural cell regeneration agent. The “Font del Bou” spring contains silicon, which is involved in collagen and elastin synthesis. Both the “Font del Bou” and the “Font del Boix” springs contain chloride and sodium, which play an essential role in the moisture balance of our tissues.

Why change over to thermal cosmetics?

Because, in addition to treating multiple skin problems, they are also beneficial for all types of healthy skin. They moisturise while also providing multiple additional benefits. And because the skin, the body’s largest organ, is the body’s primary protective barrier. It constantly loses water due to the natural skin renewal process. So it’s logical. Just think about it: if our skin loses water… give it water.

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