Boí Thermal

Silessence Day Cream

Awaken the beauty of your skin | 98% natural ingredients

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
50 ml
CN.: 190713.4

In the morning, our skin may be well-rested… but sleepy. With Silessence Day Cream, an excellent day cream, you can moisturise and simultaneously revitalise your skin.

Thanks to the combination of ingredients (silica-rich hypotonic water, extracts of Marvel of Peru, tamarind, white iris and vitamins A and E), you can moisturise, redensify and improve the elasticity and texture of your skin and be left with a pleasant, soothing sensation.

What’s more, you’ll also enjoy the power of the two most important As: Anti-aging and Antioxidant. The power your skin needs each morning to face the day ahead.

Apply our Silessence Day Cream every morning to clean, dry skin on the face, neck and neckline. Thanks to its unique dispensing and storage system, the container ensures you only use the amount you really need.

Gently massage into the skin for 30 to 60 seconds until fully absorbed. In addition to being an essential part of the treatment, the massaging motion activates blood flow, helping restore your skin’s natural brightness.

We recommend applying this day cream after the Moisturizing Thermal Water or Restoring Thermal Water and Silessence Renascent Serum.

The ideal natural and hypoallergenic brand for sensitive skin

Boí Thermal is a natural and hypoallergenic brand that is suitable for sensitive skin and whose main active ingredient is the healing mineral water from Caldes de Boí. Water with ancient history, rich in trace elements, and a special and unique mineralisation.

The power of ingredients

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Natural origin

Revitalises and moisturises

White iris

Silica-rich hypotonic water

Silessence Day Cream Ingredients
Silessence Day Cream

Marvel of Peru



Products with more than 98% natural ingredients. Average for Boí Thermal cosmetics.
Percentage calculated according to ISO 16128 regulation on Natural Cosmetics.

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A unique jar

Boí Thermal uses an innovative jar that, thanks to the airtight compartment, protects the formula from external impurities and prevents the creams from coming into contact with external contaminants. This ensures that the formula is completely protected.

Unscrew the top.
Place your finger at the start of the tube on the end opposite the grey droplet.

Gently press down and slide your finger along the tube to obtain the first dose.

Boí Thermal subjective evaluation results:

0 %*
Moisturises the skin
0 %**
More rejuvenated skin
* 90% of volunteers agree it moisturises the skin. ** 77% of volunteers agree it makes the skin feel more rejuvenated.