Boí Thermal

Moisturizing Thermal Water

A moisturising and soothing spray | 100% natural ingredients

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
30 & 150 ml
CN.: 177453.8

Moisturizing Thermal Water, the most hypotonic water on the market, sourced from the “Font del Boix” spring at the Caldes de Boí thermal centre.

Softens, moisturises and soothes the skin.

A “balneotherapeutic” experience: just close your eyes, imagine you’re at the Caldes de Boí spa, and spray…

Use whenever needed. Day or night. Summer or winter. No matter where you are, because application is so simple, quick and easy that you can carry it in your purse and take it out at any time. You’ll immediately notice a refreshing and moisturising feeling that won’t stain your clothing.

If you want to use it as part of your beauty routine, use after the Cleanser Mousse and before the Renascent Serum. Just place in front of your face, close your eyes, and spray. Keep your eyes closed for a few seconds and enjoy the feeling. Once a few seconds have passed and the product has absorbed, continue with your Boí Thermal ritual.

Unique and exclusive water

When formulating a cream, up to 60% of the contents can be water, which is used as a vehicle for dissolving other components and as a mixing element to create the emulsion. Boí Thermal transforms the bulk ingredient in the formula, water, into the main active ingredient, thanks to its unique and special composition.

The power of ingredients

0 %

Natural origin

Moisturises and soothes

Fragrance free

The most hypotonic on the market

Normal and mixed skin

From “Font del Boix” spring

Moisturizing Thermal Water


  1. To moisten the skin prior to applying facial cleansing products and to moisturise afterwards.
  2. On hair to ease styling.
  3. Before and after make-up removal.
  4. To refresh and moisturise skin during warm weather spells or sun exposure.
  5. During or after sports or intense physical exercise.

Boí Thermal subjective evaluation results:

0 %*
Calming soothing feeling
0 %**
Moisturised skin
* 90% of volunteers agree it provides a soothing feeling. ** 94% of volunteers agree it makes the skin feel hydrated.

Discover the Boí Thermal basic facial ritual

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