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Most hypotonic water on the market

Moisturising and soothing.

What is Most hypotonic water on the market?

Hypotonic water is water with a low concentration of ions, which helps it penetrate the skin through the mechanism known as osmosis.

In terms of the most hypotonic water on the market, ours gives the skin the most turgor, softness and elasticity.

Discover its properties

Hypotonic water revitalises and remineralises the skin. In addition, it encourages cellular nutrition and prevents wear.

Why use Most hypotonic water on the market in your cosmetics routine

The penetration of hypotonic water into skin cells causes them to increase in volume and turgor. The lower the ion concentration, the more turgor it provides thanks to the phenomenon of osmosis. The result is visibly softer and more flexible skin that is moisturised and soothed; it also provides a wonderful feeling of comfort.

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Moisturizing Thermal Water

Moisturizing Thermal Water

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