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What is Marvel of Peru?

The Marvel of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa), also known as the four o’clock flower, is a beautiful flower that is native to the arid tropical areas of Peru. Its flowers, which are gently fragrant, open in the afternoon and don’t close until the following morning.

Discover its properties

It is a natural disinfectant. It helps heal wounds and cure eczema, fungi, insect bites, abscesses and burns. It provides a pleasant and soothing feeling of comfort.

Its cosmetic benefits are attributed to its capacity to lower stress and restore balance to the skin. It tempers epidermal hypersensitivity and reduces the production of substances that irritate the skin. In addition, it increases tolerance to external aggressions by strengthening the barrier function.
These two actions help improve the negative perception associated with sensitive skin.

Why use Marvel of Peru in your cosmetics routine

It is an ideal natural ingredient for sensitive skin given that it relieves skin discomfort through a calming action. It reduces redness in sensitive and reactive skin, and improve the skin’s resilience to aggressions, restoring the fragile barrier between the epidermis and the environment. What’s more, it prevents dryness, which is known to impact reactive skin in particular.

You can find this amazing ingredient in:

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